A quick month

Wow, it has already been a month since my last post. Too much plumbing work, and not enough drumming time lately. I have been busting my ass for quite a few months now in hopes of not having to work during the coldest months of the winter. Things are looking positive in that respect. WHOOP! I have been making a little list of some newer country songs that will be fun to play and not as tired as some of the "classics". Hopefully once the new year rolls in we will start rehearsing on a regular schedule again, everyone in the band has been pretty busy with life.

My big puppy Tucker is 96lbs now and holding there for the last month, might gain another 15-25lbs over the next couple years I am told. He is a riot, first thing in the morning he lays belly in the snow on the deck to cool off. THEN he goes for his morning constitutional, he just loves the cold.

Should be getting some work done on my back sometime in the new year as well. No surgery, but some injections and perhaps some nerve ablation.

Keep rockin!

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