First Gig

Meltdown's first gig went over pretty well. We had a breaker go and kill half the lights and the guitars on the stage during our first song. It was dealt with quickly and we carried on rocking the crowd at Canyon Creek bar. We played some really tight sets and generally had a good time. I couple hiccups here and there, but hell it happens first time on stage I guess. I played well and had a great time, this will only get better with time.

Looks like Kyle has moved to B.C.....again. I don't know what is going on over there on his end, no communication at all. I guess I can safely write off all the time and all the money I put into that project. Not the first time, probably not the last time, but still a disappointment.  I wonder some days why I have chosen this path of being a musician. I have to count on at least two or three other people to be on the same page to make any musical project work, hahaha! It's madness I tell you, if I could do this myself without needing to rely on other people I would.

Spent a good part of the last couple days reorganizing my basement and getting my new studio desk assembled and wired up. I am going to make sure to keep busy with internet collaboration. Having everything set up and to be able to record without major wiring a routing will be nice. Got the desk with the add on reference monitor pads as well.



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