Forward, forward

Just finished two days with Seven Beckham getting some amazing tattoo work started.  I will post up some photos as soon as it is healing up. Probably one of the nicest guys I have met in a LONG time. Sorta renews my faith in people. I was getting a bit jaded over the last few months with my interactions with the general public. Nice to meet a genuinely nice guy with no agenda.

It has been a totally strange, confusing year for me with the suicide of my father in the early summer knocking me for a loop. Just recently my Grandmother that raised me passed away as well. To top that off while I was at the funeral home making arrangements for her funeral our family dog of eight years died. Man, what a crazy time. I think I am on the upswing again and looking forward to getting out and doing some auditions this winter if the opportunity arises. I really do miss performing on stage, though I am having fun  recording and collabortating with fellow musicians online.

Rock on,


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