Musicians can be a challenge at times

Hey hey! Lots of action since my last post! We gained a guitar player and bass player, then lost them both 4 days before our first rehearsal. Oh MAN musicians are sometimes challenging to my patience. Just a couple days ago I met a guitar player in Grande Prairie that may be a good addition to the Kyle Lamb band, or at the very least be a contact that can lead us towards other players in the Grande Prairie area. Kyle is meeting with him on Monday evening, things are once again looking like they are moving forward....YAY!

My furry friend Tucker the Bernese Mountain Dog had is last set of shots a few days ago and is now over 25lbs! He is gonna be a monster, and he is smart too. He knows how to sit, stay, come, and shake hands. He is also crate trained and can pee on command, just like me.........hahahah!

Looking forward to the next few days and things are gelling with getting this band off the ground and work towards playing some shows this summer.

Rock on,
JamesNot the intended use for a dishwasher door, but cute none the less.

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