Summer time and the living is easy

Wow, it's been a while since my last post......I gotta get better at this!

The songs that Kyle Lamb has been working on are in the mixing stages at Beat Productions studio and will be sent out for mastering after that. Once the songs are finished and we have a product to promote we will find some musicians and hit the road.

I am also working with some guys from Slave Lake, 40 Below is the name of the band as far as I know.... It is a great list of classic rock, blues and newer rock stuff, should be a fun time to play on stage. Great musicians and serious about making it sound as pro as possible.

My local band has pretty much detonated I think. Two of the guitar players have quit and I don't have any real leads on other local players.

My dog Tucker is 68 pounds now, he loves to hang out with me and is a lot of fun to have around.

Work is work.......and my back is the same, I need to tour. This plumbing thing is for the birds! Haha!

Rock on,

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