The year starts

 Hey hey all! Well it has been a hell of a start to the year. My company is rolling along fine and I am also doing a lot of sheetmetal work with a friend of mine. The downside to this is that I overdid the hours and have been pretty much off work since the third week of January. Have had a few days where I was a bit down, but overall my spirits are great and I am looking forward to finding some music to play this year. I answered a few ads, received a few replies and some did not reply at all..........must be the increasing amount of grey hair I am getting. I will find something, all good things in time.

I have been in contact with a tattoo artist in Edmonton and will be getting my first tattoo in March sometime. That should be interesting, I am sure it will the first of many.

My dear daughter is now in Quebec and still enjoying the experience, I miss her much.

I also have a couple new contacts on Indaba and hopefully some new music to record soon. Probably more along the lines of straight ahead rock or country from what I can see.

Rock on,

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