Update on the music situation

Here is a link to Kyle Lamb's Myspace page, he has put up a few of the newer tunes and they kick ass! He has been in contact with some local musicians in Grande Prairie and things are looking good for getting rehearsals going soon.

I have also been doing more recording with my friends from Before The Fire and should be getting some final mixes of a couple songs up on their Myspace page within a week or two. Life tends to get busy around here when I most need the time to be mixing! There is a rough mix of a new song called Contrite on their Myspace page. Final mix is in the works now that we have a bass line and I have had a chance to assemble my new studio computer. Check it out if you like metal

I also received probably the coolest present ever for Christmas from my family this year. They got me a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog pup.....I pick him up on the 23rd of this month!

They are an absolutely gorgeous breed with a wonderful temperment, I am looking forward to having a  buddy to hang out and play with my family!

Rock on,

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