Winter is upon us

Hey hey! I am sure glad that winter is coming up quick! It will be an end to construction season and tons of time to be playing my drums, recording and gigging. It's been a REALLY busy summer with plumbing work, busting my ass all summer will hopefully give a LOT of time over the winter to be playing. There seems to be a shortage of tradesmen in my town, my phone has been ringing off the hook since spring thaw.

Working with Blaine and Rick from Slave Lake and Rob from High Prairie here has been a blast the last few months. We are playing our first show on October 30th in Canyon Creek near Slave Lake. We have a great list of songs and have a lot of fun playing them, pretty low stress when you are playing with people of this calibre. The songs come together quickly and sound great too!

My dog Tucker is now closing in on 100lbs! He is a big hairy dog that LOVES people, he is pretty awesome. Life is good, music is great.

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